This section will provide you with tools that will allow you to evaluate your learning path and to collect feedbacks from participants.

Self-reflection tool for Youth Worker 

The following tool has been designed to allow you to evaluate the competences you have acquired thanks to this OER. However, it has a flexible structure that can be adapted to different contexts. You can change some questions and make the template work for other training courses.

Self-assessment for Facilitators

This tool will help facilitators self-assess their performance during the activities with young people. It is a useful tool to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and to understand how to improve your work.

Pre-Activity Questionnaire Participants

This is a useful tool to get to know participants’ profiles and their expectations before starting the activity. It will allow you to adapt the activities according to their needs and suggestions.

Self-Evaluation Questionnaire for Participants

It will allow you to collect feedback from participants so as to improve the activities in the future.

Non-formal Evaluation

Smile Table

Divide participants in groups and hand out a copy of the table below. They have to fill in the table using smileys (please, find them below) in order to measure the impact and the quality of the training activities they participated in.

Hand evaluation

Draw a hand on a flipchart paper and put it in a visible place. Each finger is linked to an aspect to be evaluated. Divide participants in small groups and ask them to reflect on the activities done. Ask participants to write down their thoughts and mood of the day. If necessary, you can discuss some topics with participants the morning after. We suggest you do that if participants pointed out specific difficulties.