Reducing social Exclusion through a creative approach to reading

The READ project aims at addressing the problem of illiteracy, the risk of school dropout and the lack of interest that young people have towards education by stimulating the interest in reading as a way to open up the imagination, using non-formal methodologies, offering cultural and creative activities.

What we are doing

Training Course

The training course is aimed at providing youth workers with new skills and knowledge on how to work with young people, in particular the ones with fewer opportunities, and on how to promote their interest to reading through non formal and creative approaches.

Local activities

In all partner countries, youth workers and young people will develop, experiment and implement educational activities supporting reading through the arts and non-formal approaches. These activities are addressed to young people at risk of social exclusion and marginalisation.

Job Shadowing

Youth workers from each partner countries will be involved in a 15-day mobility to discover local realities and activities in the hosting country. They will have the opportunity to enrich their work, get new inputs for their work with young people and exchange ideas.

Final Workshop and Festival

A 7-day event where youth workers and young people will work in multicultural and transnational teams to develop intercultural creative products and activities and share their READ journey with the local community in Wien.

What we are developing

State of art

A comparative report based on the national and local researches carried out in each partner country to investigate the state of the art about literacy and reading diffusion and on good practices in the use of non-formal approaches to promote reading.


Learning manual collecting the activities and methodologies implemented during the Training Course on non-formal approaches and creativity to promote reading.


Open Educational Resource with modules and tools for the implementation of non-formal and creative activities.

Our resources

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